Name Change Form
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Change Name To:


To Change Last Name:

  1. To Married Name - need a copy of marriage license and government issued ID. ** Please note the name on your government issued ID must match the new legal name provided on this form.
  2. From Married to Maiden - need divorce decree stating use of maiden name and government issued ID. A divorce decree without this statement is not enough to change your name.
  3. Decreed by Legal Document - must have the legal document issued by the court and government issued ID.

To Change First Name and/or Full Name:

  1. Must have court document containing name change and government issued ID.

Valid Legal Documents:
  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Court Decree
  3. Marriage License - for last name only
  4. Military Identification Card
Make sure that all required documentation has been uploaded. Once you have all documentation attached,  click complete. 

You may be asked to present the official document(s) to Student Records for verification purposes.