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2022-2023 Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal




August 15, 2023


January 4, 2024


May 9, 2024


If you have completed 2 or more Financial Aid Appeals, you will need to speak with the Financial Aid Director, or the SAP Counselor before you can submit this form. 
Student Information

Example: C00123456

Reason for Appeal

***PLEASE NOTE: Your extenuating or unusual circumstance must have occurred during the time-frame in which you did not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.***

  • Acceptable reasons for appeal:

*  Personal Illness
*  Death or serious illness of a family member
*  Tragic accident
*  Natural disaster
*  Disability
*  Any other unusual occurrence that was 100% beyond your control

  • Unacceptable reasons for appeal:

x  Work related issues
x  Too many classes
x  Balancing school and family
x  Time management issues
x  Not liking the instructor
x  Did not focus enough
x  Will do better next time
x  Not prepared for college
x  Immaturity or being too young
x  Bad advising
x  Any event that occurred before or after term (s) in which you did not meet SAP requirements

Appeal Requirements

All three of the following items MUST be submitted and complete, or the form will be returned back to the student UNPROCESSED.

Certification and Acknowledgement

By signing and clicking the "Acknowledge" button below, I certify that the information submitted on and with this form is accurate and complete. If my appeal is approved, I agree to abide by the following stipulations of my submitted Graduation Plan for my financial aid to be renewed:

  1. Pass 100% of attempted hours
  2. Minimum semester GPA of 2.5 or Cumulative GPA of 2.0
  3. Take only classes in my program of study
  4. No change of program

Please ensure you have entered your student ID number correctly (ex. C00123456), as well as your myCCTC email address to submit this form.